Spring Elections 2022

Hello candidates! Use this page as a one-stop shop for all of your documents this election.

Elections Documentation

Penalty document: must be read in full prior to promoting your platform.

Campaign guidelines: must be read in full once we have confirmed you have met the minimum cut-off for nominations. All of the important dates and deadlines are laid out in this document

Promotional graphics and facebook stickers can be found here.

Executive Brief: Use this visually stimulating aid to learn more about the history of SUS and the roles of its executive members. This document would give you a better understanding of the structure of SUS.

Elections Timeline Overview

Monday, Feb 28thNomination submissions open. Submissions given by this qualtrics survey.
Wednesday Mar. 7th , 11:59PMDeadline for submission of completed nomination submissions
Friday,  Mar 10th Time:  5 PM:

MANDATORY All Candidates Meeting (via Zoom) (time will be decided according to candidate availability)


Blurbs and graphics due

Sunday,  Mar. 13th, 12:00 AMCampaigning Begins
Thursday, Mar. 17th, 5-9 PMAll Candidates Forum → Zoom Link
Monday, Mar. 21nd, 12:00 AMVoting opens
Monday, Mar. 28th, 11:59 PMCampaigning ends
Monday, Mar. 28th, 11:59 PMVoting closes, results released the next day
Tuesday, Mar 29th, 8:00 PMElections Results Party → In person

Candidates Descriptions

Position CandidatesInformation and platform

Harjot Uppal :


Contact : harjotkauruppal@gmail.com

VP External

Christopher Mok


Contact : christopher.mok@ubc.ca

Hriday Sahni


Contact : sahnishriday@gmail.com

VP Communications

Gahan Diwan :  


Contact : diwangahan79@gmail.com

VP Student Life

Samantha Wong :


Contact : samwongg03@gmail.com, @votesamanthawong

Zelalem Araya


Contact : zaraya1@mail.ubc.ca , @zelalemka

VP Internal

Andrew Feng


Contact: @voteandrewfeng, @andrewfengg, andrewfeng2014@gmail.com

VP Admin

Brandon Wong :


Contact : brandonwong.biw@gmail.com

VP Academic

Henry Li 


Contact : @_henry.li_ , zh.henry.li@gmail.com

VP Finance

Kaye Chan


Contact : @kaye_chan , kchan28@student.ubc.ca

Link to All Candidates Recording

March 17th 2022 Recordings 


Link and password 

Andrew Feng – VP Internal Candidate 


Access Passcode: suselections2022!

Brandon Wong – VP Admin Candidate 


(Passcode: suselections2022!)

Cindy Wang, Katherine Feng, Minaho Chiew, Avery Chan – AMS Representative Candidates 


(Passcode: suselections2022!)

Hriday Sahni  & Chris Mok – VP External Candidates 


(Passcode: suselections2022!)


March 18th 2022 Recordings 

See information in this link.

The SUS Elections are independently administered by the Elections Administrators. For any questions regarding the Spring 2022 Elections, contact them at elections@sus.ubc.ca