Fall Elections 2020

Elections Overview:

Nomination Period is now: Sept 11, 12 AM – Sept 23, 11:59 PM.

Campaign Period is now: Sept 25, 12 AM – Sept 28, 11:59 PM.

Voting Period is now: Sept 29, 12 AM – Oct 1, 11:59 PM.

Candidates Descriptions

Daria (Ziming) Deng

Hi everyone, I am Daria Deng, a Geological Science student in UBC and in the year of 2020 I am running for AMS representative in UBC Science Undergraduate Society. The reason why I am running for this position is preparing for shouting out for all UBC science undergraduate students in AMS for our proposals, aiming to search for funding for science students to release our financial stress and communicate with academic administration figuring out a way to help science student increase academic average! If you are interested in knowing more information about me or wanting to directly contact me, welcome to contact me on Facebook: Daria Deng.  your vote is vital for me!




Katherine Feng 

Hey Science!! My name is Katherine and, as your interim AMS Representative, I’m excited to run in this election to continue representing Science and making sure your opinions are heard when it comes to making any decisions, both big and small. 

In my role as interim representative, I served as the Vice-Chair of the AMS Operations and Finance Committees, advocating for changes that put students and their needs first. I am committed to listening to what you have to say and, based on my track record, I will always be there to voice your thoughts. Combined, my experience and dedication to serving students like you make me the candidate to vote for.

Platform: (visit katherine4rep.com for details!)

Push for more funding and grants that support student initiatives

Increase visibility of opportunities within the AMS

Improve communication and collaboration between SUS and the AMS

Advocate for more transparency 

Thanks for taking the time to read about me and my platform! If you have any questions, check out katherine4rep.com or feel free to shoot me an email at katherinefeng.elections@gmail.com.



Arnima Singh 




My name is Nima and as your first-year representative, my goal would be to ensure that you all have a memorable year, especially in light of Covid-19. By working with upper-year students and SUS I want to create and host several events throughout the year for faculty members to get to know one another. We can still make strong friendships and build our community despite the online situation. I also want to help establish a tutoring and academic support system so that all science students can achieve all of their academic goals especially those related to second-year specializations. As a first-year student, I know how difficult and nerve-wracking it may be to join a new university, not know anyone, and feel as though you are missing out on the “university experience”. On top of this social friction, there is a lot of hesitation and uncertainty about the academic changes but I hope to alleviate some of the stress and still help us enjoy the year.



Azamat Mahmudov



Coming to UBC from Winnipeg Manitoba, My name is Azamat Mahmudov. In high school, I served on my school’s student council for 3 years and spent my grade 12 year as the Student Council President. I won the Grant Park student council award in 2020 for the work that I did in streamlining our event planning. I was also head of the blood Ambassadors group for three years, which is a group organized by the Canadian Blood Services who find blood donors and assists them throughout the process. If you want someone with drive, discipline, and experience, vote Azamat.




Brandon Wong 



Hello UBC Science First Years! 

My name is Brandon Wong and I am running to be one of your First Year Representatives for the Science Undergraduate Society this year! 

As a first year representative, I will make it my priority to hear from YOU and voice your concerns and opinions to SUS. Whether you want to share program or event ideas, or simply share your feelings, as a first year representative, I will always look forward to hearing from you and speak on your behalf. 

If you want to read my main plan of action to bring a positive experience for all first year science students, click on this link fb.me/e/4CyuFwa3b or contact me directly!

I really want to hear from you all so if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at brandonwong.biw@gmail.com or message me directly on Instagram (@b_wong_), Facebook, or if you really want, LinkedIn




Isaac Robinson 




Hi! My name’s Isaac.  My dream was to attend clown college, but now I’m here studying to become a doctor instead (thanks covid). This year has been super messy for freshmen, so I hope with a spot on SUS I can voice some of these problems for you. Communication has been a major issue (I know like 20 people still in the wrong math class), so I’m hoping to be a point of contact for all your questions. I’ve got plenty of experience running volunteer organizations, including experience on student council, so you’ll be in good hands. Your support would be appreciated.




Lilia Miki




Hi my name is Lilia Miki and I would love to represent you to create the first year experience you want! My goal is to connect your voice to SUS to make the change you want to see here at UBC. No matter the idea, whether  big or small, I am here to support and guide you. Even to help you with homework or a friend to call if you ever need it. Not only do I love athletics, music, film & school, I genuinely love being a leader. I am driven, hardworking and super duper organized, in case you ever need someone to come color coordinate your closet, I’m your girl. I want your voices to be heard loud and clear for everyone at SUS, whether anonymous or not, that’s completely up to you! I just want to play a giant game of telephone between you, me and SUS and I’ll make sure nothing gets jumbled up in the process.



Kaye Chan 




Hi, I am Kaye Chan and I am a proud student in Behavioural Neuroscience. As this is my first year in the specialization, I intend to put in place events and opportunities for the students that will follow me through my degree and even benefit those beyond my years at UBC. Since this major has a smaller number of students, I would like to focus on creating occasions to build a stronger, and more bonded cohort. I would like to plan more networking events to meet our professors and other students of all the years in our major. The academic side of things is also very important! So, I plan to also start an in-major mentorship program or hold different study groups/review sessions for common classes! If you have any other suggestions, please let me know so I can put them all into action! I’m not trying to brainwash you with my blurb, but I hope I will be able to blow your mind by being your Rep! But all in all, I lobe this major and I hope I will make everyone’s experience in it the best it can be.


Chaeyoung Lim




Chaeyoung is a second-year student in your favourite department, Biochemistry. As a former member of the First-Year Committee and a current Administrative Assistant of the Academic Experience Working Group (AcaX), her experience has made her determined to be a representative that listens to her community of fellow biochem students and make sure all their voices are made heard. In her spare time, you can find Chaeyoung catching up on Netflix shows, baking her latest late-night cravings (recently she’s been interested in glycolysis… she’s heard it’s pretty sweet), taste-testing various brands/flavours of ramen, and (attempting to) learn her favourite songs on the guitar. One of her favourite pastimes is bothering her friends with puns (she’s hears that she makes bad puns, but only periodically.. ;), and she would love to befriend more people in her department (you!) to be able to have fun interactions like this with her throughout this school year



Catie Song 




Hi guys, my name is Catie and I’m in my third year at UBC biology now, and I am running as the Biology Department Representative this year! My goal is to build a great community especially in a time where everybody feels disconnected. As well as to support biology students in any way possible by voicing any concerns and giving access to necessary resources. I am looking forward to a great year (and crazy) year.



Boaz Li 




Hi y’all, unlike our O chem textbook, I’m keeping my blurb short and sweet –

 I’m Boaz Li, and after being the president of my high school’s technology club and Social Coordinator of 1st year’s CSP council, I learned that both clubs have one common issue: a lack of member participation.

 As your CAPS rep, I promise to do my best to involve everyone as much as possible and just to have all the students from our department feel at home. Friendliness and approachability are two things I strive for constantly in myself. Do not be afraid of reaching out to me or others in our department whether for day to day convos or an opinion you want to voice. At the end of the day, regardless of sinking or floating, we are all in the same boat together!



Julia Sawitzky




Hello UBC Chemistry! My name is Julia Sawitsky, and I am a second-year chemistry major who has the pleasure of running to become your Chemistry Representative for the 2020-2021 school year. During my time at UBC, I have supported and served the science community as a former member of the Science Undergraduate Society (SUS) First Year Committee and as a current AVP Finance for SUS. Now, I want to use the knowledge I have gained from those roles to support my department. As the Chemistry Representative, I will liaise between SUS Council, the Undergraduate Chemistry Society, and, most importantly, the chemistry student body and faculty. The global pandemic has prevented us from sitting in lecture halls, but your opinions should be heard, connecting with faculty (virtually) should happen, and the classroom resources found in-person should be provided online. I will encourage everyone pursuing chemistry, chemical biology, chemical physics, and all the chemistry derivatives to contact me directly with any concerns they have, because I will listen and I will make your voice heard



Ghaz Akbari




As this year’s hopeful Cognitive Systems Representative, I seek to identify, advocate for, and achieve the vision that Cogs students possess for their departmental culture. Being an interdisciplinary field, Cogs students come together from a variety of backgrounds and faculties. While we all share a common passion for our field, the differences in our streams can make finding & bonding with one another more challenging. This holds particularly true with our transition to an online platform. Through access to funding and resources from SUS and the Faculty of Science, I will strive to work in conjunction with SUS & The Cognitive Systems Society to promote engaging opportunities that strengthen us as a (currently virtual) community.



Clo Wang 




Hey UBC Science! My name is Clo Wang,

I am a second-year student in the Biochemistry and Forensic Sciences program, and I am thrilled to be running to be your Forensic Science Representative in the SUS council. I worked with SUS as an event coordinator on the Community Engagement committee in my first year and I am currently on the Sci Week Working Group, thriving to make UBC Science as enchanting as possible. I want to continue contributing to this mission and my goals along the way are to: 

Ensure that the issues and decisions made surrounding the Science student body are transparent and easily comprehensible 

Promote communication and collaboration among the Forensic Sciences’ department, SUS, and the other science programs 

Encourage students to engage in departmental discussions by conveying any concerns

Inform Forensics students of various science events that both enrich student life and draw the large family together

The Forensic Science department may be very new and comparatively small, however, I am determined to project your voices loudly. Feel free to shoot questions to vancarissa@gmail.com!

The SUS Elections are independently administered by the Elections Administrators. For any questions regarding the Fall Elections, contact them at elections@sus.ubc.ca