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For the 2021/2022 academic year, the Science Undergraduate Society is proud to support 20 departmental and 15 non-departmental clubs.

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We are a group of students at UBC Vancouver who share a passion for astronomy. We welcome students of any discipline who want to meet others with like-minded interests. Let’s explore the universe together! We run various events, including: dark-sky observations, social activities, lecture series, and outreach initiatives. The UBC Astronomy Club is committed to being an open and inclusive club for everyone regardless of race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, or disability.

The Biochemistry Student Association is a brand-new departmental club aims to help support undergraduate biochemistry students at UBC with events such as planning socials, selling hoodies, sharing study tips, and research opportunities!

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The UBC Biological Sciences Society (BIOSOC) is a student-run organization that has been continuously growing for decades. What started as a small group of students looking to hold social events has become one of the largest science societies on campus. We strive to cater to the needs and desires of Biology students, offering numerous involvement opportunities in research, academics, and recreation. Our goal is to build a vibrant, supportive community here in UBC Biology.
The Biophysics Student Society offers support for both the academic and social aspects of our students. The field of Biophysics contains many different areas ranging from molecules to proteins to organisms. With such diverse range of topics, the laws of physics that apply to each topic is equally varied. Therefore, Biophysics brings together many different topics of physics to bear into the investigation of biological matter.
The UBC Biotechnology Club supports the students of the Honours in Biotechnology program by hosting events that are catered towards networking, resume writing, and community engagement. As a team, we also collaborate with other clubs in order to bring our events to a larger audience.

The Cognitive Systems Society is a student-run organization supporting students in the COGS program, and those with an interest in COGS-related fields such as neuroscience, artificial intelligence, human-computer interfaces, and robotics. We hold a wide range of fun events, including popular licensed events (such as the Welcome back BBQ, Robot-Themed Dance Parties, and Masters of Debate), and academic events (study sessions, Meet the Profs). We also have a lab space with a patio in the basement of the Friedman building if you ever want to study or just relax.

Volunteering for the CSS is a great way to meet fellow COGS students, contribute to UBC’s campus life, and learn valuable leadership skills. The student executive, which organizes events and promotes everything COGS, is elected every spring. You can also get involved through helping out with their events or dropping by weekly meetings which are open to all CSS members.

The UBC Computer Science Student Society is the student club for all UBC Computer Science students. We offer events (e.g. board game nights, BBQs, the annual Tech Career Fair) for all CS students.
CMSSA is a student-led organization that aims to bring together students within the Combined Major in Science department through social, academic, and research events. Our goal is to enrich the undergraduate experience of CMS students by creating a community that takes pride in their program, while also providing an avenue for students to engage with each other over the course of their studies.
The Environmental Sciences Students’ Association (ESSA) is a student club representing the Environmental Sciences program at UBC. We are dedicated to bringing together people with a passion for the environment. To do this, we organize social events for students to get to know each other outside the classroom. We also put on academic conferences and discussions with professionals in the environmental sciences field, as well as study groups for the program’s core courses. We also take part in events promoting public awareness of environmental issues.
Hello! We are the Geography Students’ Association and we run events that range from lunches with the Department Head and professors to guest presentations with professionals working in sustainability to our infamous bzzr gardens & trivia nights. We also publish the undergraduate journal “Trail Six”, run the GeoGarden, and celebrate the end of the year with a bang with our annual Geogala
Integrated Sciences is about forming connections between different sciences, and ISSA is all about connecting people from different integrations. We are made up of a community of students, staff, and alumni, and are always here to help answer your questions regarding your IntSci application. Feel free to reach out and check out our website!
The UBC Undergraduate Mathematics Society is the official social club of the Department of Mathematics at UBC Vancouver. We promote social engagement amongst math students, and also sell exam packages for math courses.
The UBC Microbiology and Immunology Students’ Association (MISA) supports MBIM students through social and academic services, and by building a community within the department. Academic support and networking opportunities are available through our annual Mentorship Program and Careers Night, as well as our participation in the Life Sciences Research Night. There are monthly socials such as bar nights and pumpkin carving, and we also have an intramural volleyball team. Our mission is to create a welcoming environment for all current and prospective MBIM to enrich their undergraduate experience. We hope to foster a community that students are proud to be a part of, and encourage relationships across all years and with faculty.
We are a passionate group of students dedicated to supporting students who are in, wanting to get in, or just interested in learning about pharmacology and CAPS through both academic and social resources. Throughout the year, we will be hosting social, mentorship, research, and speaker events. Our diverse team consists of students from all years, so please reach out if you have any questions and we will be happy to help you answer them 🙂

The UBC Physics Society is a club for people who study physics, enjoy physics, or just want somewhere to spend their time in good company. We offer review sessions and exam packages for first and second year physics courses, as well as hold a number of social events over the year. We also have a lounge on campus (when UBC reopens) with a quiet study space, fridge, microwave, vending machines, couches and a foosball table.

The Psychology Students’ Association (PSA) is a student-run organization that seeks to enhance the personal, professional and academic success of Arts and Science undergraduate students who are interested in psychology. With 200+ members annually, the PSA provides a variety of events and services over the academic year with the support of the Psychology Department. Some highlighted events include CV workshops, Meet Your Professor, Student/Faculty Socials, the Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference (PURC), and the Year End Gala.

UBC Science Co-op Students Association (SCOOPS) hosts professional and social events for prospective and current Science Co-op Students. The Science Co-op Students Association organizes many profession events, including the Mentorship Program, Resume/Cover Letter Workshops, and Information Sessions about Science Co-op. In addition to many professional events, SCOOPS holds many social events to bring students from various Science program together. SCOOPS organizes collaborative events with other programs to bring other programs closer together under Science!
SOS Survivor is a club run by Science One alumni to help the current year of Science One students tackle the obstacles they may face in the challenging program. Our goal to make sure the students have a smooth transition from high school into university and this program, in addition to making their first year as enjoyable as possible. SOS Survivor is a club run by Science One alumni to help the current year of Science One students tackle the obstacles they may face in the challenging program. Our goal to make sure the students have a smooth transition from high school into university and this program, in addition to making their first year as enjoyable as possible.
We are the Undergraduate Student Society for Atmospheric Science. We are a newly re-vamped/renovated EOAS undergraduate club! Join us to learn more about storms and other weather-related hazards!!
The Undergraduate Chemistry Society (UCS) is a student-run organization dedicated to promoting chemistry campus-wide and in our community. We strive to enhance the undergraduate experience for chemistry students by hosting various events and providing resources such as 2-Bucks-a-Beaker, Faculty Meet and Greet, Professional Communication Workshops, Grad School Info Sessions, Chemistry Forum, Chemistry Undergraduate Research Conference, Locker Rentals and Final Exam Package Sales.


Welcome to the Autism Associates Club! Here, we gather and pursue our learning about the field of autism spectrum disorder, along with the current research and events related to it! We learn through seminars and presentations enacted by each member (yes, you included!) but also medical students with current research topics in regards to ASD! In junction with organizations such as AutismBC and VASS, we plan events for the ASD community, so come join now!

AMS UBC Synapse is a club that targets neurodegenerative disease through three lenses: promoting awareness, fundraising for related research and organizations, and connecting students with the neurodegenerative disease community. Recent initiatives include hosting workshops at senior homes, organizing lab tours, and creating short videos that feature the individual experience of living with a neurodegenerative disease. Our most popular annual event is the Santa Ono Photobooth fundraiser.

A UBC science club aimed to diversify and expand Canada’s stem cell donor and blood donor registry for Canadian Blood Services. Our club actively guides undergraduates through the process of both donating blood and joining the national stem cell registry. We also reach out to those unable to aid in the more traditional routes of donation by raising awareness about the high demand for blood and stem cell products.

We are UBC students in diverse programs that want to do something proactive and worthwhile in the community!

There are a lot of misconceptions and stigma associated with liver disease. The cause is often perceived to be alcohol (which is only one cause from many), thus those affected are often blamed or misunderstood by the public. There are actually over 100 types of liver disease. One of the most important is hepatitis. There are 10x the amount of people affected by hepatitis than by AIDS or any cancer! Yet, there is a disproportionate amount of awareness compared to other health issues.

Join us and #LIVERight!

  • Be at the forefront of making changes in your community!
  • Start on your path to a future career in healthcare!
  • Network with renowned doctors and representatives!
  • Learn about current health issues!
  • Gain opportunities in leadership and volunteering!

FoMSF is an official student support organization for MSF (Doctors Without Borders) and we operate independently of MSF. MSF is an international medical humanitarian non-profit organization that provides free healthcare in conflict zones and in countries affected by endemic diseases or natural disasters. FoMSF supports MSF by raising funds to contribute to MSF’s programs and administration and by raising awareness of the important work that MSF does around the world, through our events on UBC campus.

Established in January 27, 2003, we are a group of passionate student volunteers who endorse the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s message in both words and actions. We aim to foster research interest in cardiovascular and ischemic diseases; provide financial and volunteer support for heart- and stroke-related initiatives; and promote health and wellness within the university community.

Follow us on instagram: @ubchsf

The UBC Neuroscience Club (UNC) is a multidisciplinary group of undergraduate students striving to better understand the mysteries of the brain. From basic laboratory techniques to critical analyses of data, we offer our members the chance to learn and be a part of the process behind the scientific research being done in the field. Moreover, we aim to create a social environment for students where they can discuss neuroscience-related topics and integrate knowledge from an array of disciplines. Lastly, we will emphasise projects aimed at benefiting student career development. Through these opportunities, we will strengthen the academic, professional, and social components of a neuroscience community at UBC.

Our club strives to fortify and expand our connections with our local community by opening up volunteer and leadership positions for our members and collaborating with other UBC Clubs or local organizations. Be sure to always check our calendar for great volunteering opportunities! Our club hosts weekly meetings on campus from September-April, which include presentations from a variety of guest speakers and information several North American, Australian and European dental schools. We also provide information on both the Canadian and American Dental Aptitude Test (DAT), as well as practice questions to illustrate the format of the exam. If you miss a meeting, do not fret! Our members get weekly e-mails on meeting minutes, to make sure they are all caught up with our newest info!

Got into UBC? Check! Surviving the course load? Check! Medical School? Hmm…better check in with the UBC Pre-Medical Society!
Since 1994, UBC Pre-Optometry Club has been connecting students to optometry through various initiatives. We strive to provide information sessions with optometry schools across North America, promote awareness of eye health through fundraisers, and host various networking opportunities such as an annual wine and cheese night.

Third World Eye Care Society (TWECS) is a 100% volunteer registered Canadian charity that began in 1995, to collect eyeglasses and distribute them to individuals in developing countries. Our club provides amazing volunteer opportunities within the greater Vancouver area, as well as overseas trips to developing countries, to help facilitate the collection and distribution of eyeglasses. Through joining our club, you’ll be able to work with eye surgeons, eye doctors, opticians, and like-minded peers!

UBC Multiple Sclerosis Club aims to raise awareness of MS on campus through various volunteering, social, fundraising opportunities to MS Society Canada.

UBC PATHS is a non-profit community-based club that focuses on raising awareness and funds for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease. We host innovative and creative initiatives and fundraisers throughout the year, have our own hospital volunteering program, and an annual neuroscience conference. UBC PATHS is also looking to broaden the scope of opportunities we can offer to our members. We want to ensure every member will gain valuable learning experiences and skills through their involvement.

We are a student-led club dedicated to connecting undergraduate students with multidisciplinary research opportunities. We offer programs, events, and research-related services for students of all faculties and experience levels. Some of our most popular events and programs include the Research EXperience mentorship program, Life Sciences Research Night, and Canadian Journal of Undergraduate Research. Whether it’s getting your foot in the door, finding a summer lab job, or getting a manuscript published, we’re here to help!
The UBC Women in Science Club provides support for female undergraduates in Science fields. Our club has 3 pillars: Mentorship, Building Community, and Connecting People. We offer networking events with alumni, professional development workshops, social events, and an ongoing mentorship program. We envision that mentorship and networking relationships between professional women in various science fields and current undergraduate students will help those students through common challenges that arise for women pursuing careers in science.