The Portfolios

The Science Undergraduate Society is comprised of 8 different portfolios, each working together to serve all science students in their own unique role.



The SUS Presidential portfolio consists of the BIPOC Working Group and Science Caucus. The BIPOC Working Group is lead by co-chairs to advocate and hold events with a special focus on intersectionality. The Science Caucus, lead by the President consists of the VP Academic, AMS Representatives and the Science Student Senator. They discuss their advocacy work, update each other on their governing body’s affairs and works on representing science students better. The President is also the chair of the Executive Committee and helps run SUS Council.

Student Life

The SUS Student Life Portfolio consists of the Science RXN Working Group, Science Week Working Group, Science Graduation Working Group, Social Working Group, and Sports Working Group. The Science RXN Working group plans the annual first-year only event to welcome incoming science students and provide an exciting start of their university experience. The Science Week working group plans a week of events aimed to welcome all science students back to school at the beginning of term two. These events are aimed to promote teamwork and inclusion and act to foster a sense of community amongst science students. The Science Graduation Working group plans the annual celebration for the graduating science class consisting of a catered dinner and dance. The Social working group plans small scale social events to provide stress-relief and social interaction for science students throughout the year. The Sports working group plans athletic and sporting events throughout the year to keep science students moving and active.


The SUS Academic Portfolio consists of the Health and Wellness, Mental Health Advocacy, Mentorship, and Academic Experience Working Groups alongside the Academic Standing Committee with the goal of improving the academic wellbeing of UBC Science Students. The Health and Wellness, and Mental Health Advocacy Working Groups focus on planning engaging events and providing resources to support the physical and mental health of the science student body. The Mentorship, and Academic Experience Working Groups focus on connecting undergraduates to graduate student mentors through our mentorship program, gathering student feedback, and providing academic resources. The Academic Standing Committee reviews working group reports and discusses any academic or advocacy-related concerns. The VP Academic also has the opportunity to represent students on a variety of UBC and faculty level committees.


The External portfolio oversees the following areas:

  • Careers and Professional Development
  • Community Engagement
  • Student Benefits (Blue Card Program – UBC Science Student Discount Card)
  • Corporate Relations (Sponsorships)

Our goals for this year are to:

  • Increase student representation, engagement, and involvement opportunities with on and off-campus clubs and organizations
  • Build meaningful partnerships with local businesses to expand SUS’s professional network, obtain sponsorships, and diversify the Blue Card program
  • Increase advocacy and awareness of humanitarian issues through new initiatives

Contact the VP External for: Volunteer and humanitarian opportunities, external collaborations, sponsorship advice, the Blue Card program and any questions regarding career navigation or professional development opportunities.


The SUS Administration portfolio encompasses a diverse range of groups. The Sustainability Commission aims to advocate for sustainability at UBC and host events with a focus on awareness. The Clubs Commission serves as a primary contact for all science clubs and coordinates initiatives such as SUS Clubs Day. The Building Management Commission is responsible for overseeing the maintenance of the Abdul Ladha Science Student Centre (ALSSC) and ensuring student needs through various projects. The Administration portfolio also oversees SUS’ internal policy and archival!


The Internal Portfolio focuses on establishing community both within and outside SUS. This is accomplished through overseeing four subcommittees and working closely with all other portfolios inside of SUS. 

The First Year Committee comprises select first year students who have a passion to create inclusivity for their fellow peers. This is exemplified through planning events that address all aspects of university life including health and wellness, academic and social. This year’s team aims to create opportunities where their fellow first years peers can also take part as volunteers. 

The Elections Administration (EA) Commission coordinates both the Fall and Spring elections for the society. During the off-season, the EAs will focus on projects of their choice that aim to boost voter turnout and increase nominees during elections. These projects may include a voter information campaign, launching social media campaigns to increase election awareness and turnout.

Human Resources ensures equitable hiring and volunteering recruitment for SUS events across all the portfolios. Along with hosting social events for members within the society this year’s team aims to improve the SUS volunteer experience through hosting appreciation events. 

Science Student Recognition Awards Night aims to recognize the outstanding efforts and achievements of science students and clubs. Some awards include: Teaching Excellence Award, Science Student Community Impact Award and Leadership awards and more!


The Finance portfolio is responsible for distributing the Science Undergraduate Society budget amongst all portfolios to ensure that all initiatives benefitting students receive adequate amounts of funding. The portfolio is also responsible for providing financial support to clubs and science students by distributing and adjudicating grant and subsidy applications. This year, we have initiated a new subsidy fund in light of the financial struggles that students may be facing due to COVID-19. The following areas you may receive funding for include: course materials, SUS events, AMS and affiliated club events, UBC REC activities, club membership fees and professional development activities.


The SUS Communications portfolio consists of the following portfolios: First Week Committee, Marketing Commission, Sales Commission, Productions Commission, Visual Media Commission, and Webmasters. The portfolio is in charge of running all of the Science Undergraduate Society’s social media channels and our website. We work to promote all of the events and initiatives of the Science Undergraduate Society as well as support UBC student clubs with marketing their own projects. In terms of the Productions and Visual Media Commissions, these groups focus on content creation like graphic design, photography, videography and editing, and these services are available to some UBC student clubs! The Communications Portfolio is also in charge of the design and sale of UBC Science merchandise, and we have sales all throughout the year.