Grad-Undergrad Mentorship

Banner for GSS x SUS Mentorship Program 2023/24

UBC Science, are you considering pursuing graduate studies in the future? Are you looking for academic or career guidance? Or maybe you’re looking for an opportunity to develop your leadership skills? In that case, the SUS x GSS Mentorship program is the perfect fit for you!

Designed to help undergraduate students gain more insight into graduate school and future academic/career goals, we pair undergraduate students mentees with upper year or graduate student mentors in diverse scientific fields of study. Through this experience, student mentors can add to their CV, improve communication skills, and expand their professional network.

For pairing, we do our absolute best to match mentors and mentees who have closely aligned academic and personal interests. Following pairing, we recommend mentors and mentees to connect with each other at least once a month through virtual platforms. This way, pairs can get to know each other more to better understand one another’s goals, as far as participation in the program goes.

Our program has a flexible structure, but we value fostering a sense of community for our mentors and mentees, so we make it a point to engage with everyone by hosting monthly events (optional social events and professional development workshops) and gathering feedback along the way.

Mentors and mentees for this round of applications will commit to the program until the end of term. Applications are currently closed. 

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