Lorenzo Lindo

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I’m Lorenzo Lindo, one of your current AMS Reps, and I’m running for re-election to continue serving as an AMS Representative for Science!

Having served on many committees with both AMS and SUS and on both councils themselves to strive towards making UBC a better place, I am well versed with the issues, responsibilities, and expectations of a councilor.

Experience with student government:
✓Chair of AMS Student Life Committee
✓Vice-Chair of AMS Budget Committee
✓Sat on AMS University and External Relations Committee (now AMS Advocacy Committee)
✓Sat on SUS Budget Committee
✓SUS Director of Marketing
✓SUS Sports Coordinator


✓Improve communication between the AMS and Science students
✓Continue working with the AMS Student Life Committee to set strategic direction to improve campus life
✓Continue working with the AMS and SUS Budget Committees to ensure responsible spending that is in the best interest of students
✓Engage in dialogue with students to ensure that their changing needs are addressed and that they are always informed

I hope to gain your vote for re-election so that I may continue to serve YOU and ensure that UBC and Science continues to evolve and move towards success and prosperity.