Antony Tsui

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My name is Antony Tsui and I’m running to become your next SUS President! I’m confident that I can further the Society’s vision and goals outlined in the SUS Strategic Plan. This past year, I’ve been humbled to be your VP Communications.

My campaign focuses on:

· Strengthen our relationship and collaboration with the AMS and all constituencies
· Support student health and wellness by collaborating with UBC REC
· Scrap SUS Fall Elections and elect SUS Departmental Representatives via Departmental Science Clubs’ Spring Elections
· Fund Science Clubs’ events to be featured during Science Week

· Revise, update, and align the SUS Strategic Plan to that of UBC’s and AMS’s
· Create an Advisory Committee to the President that listens to Science students
· Introduce a Board of Directors to provide oversight
· Ensure fiscal prudence through the Budget Committee
· Hire and appoint a Speaker to Council

· Expand the Society’s Awards and Grants
· Streamline hiring practices for student applicants and committee allocation procedures for Councilors
· Tailor professional development workshops, networking galas, and career panels
· Perform a Student Services Evaluation, including an Abdul Ladha SSC Improvement Project

Please review my full platform and qualifications at . [/cs_text][/cs_column][/cs_row][/cs_section][/cs_content]