The SUS represents around 30 science clubs, all with their own unique vision. These clubs however, share one goal: to provide a place for science students to grow as leaders and form valuable friendships. We at the SUS firmly believe that the value of being part of a club is irreplaceable. Here you will find all the information on the various clubs offered and who you can contact to get involved.

The following is a list of Non-Departmental Science Clubs. These are clubs that are open to all students, however are especially popular amongst Science students, often because of the club’s mission. Non-Departmental Science Clubs are represented by the Alma Mater Society (AMS). Most of these are fundraising clubs, so joining a Non-Departmental Science Club is a great way to start giving back!

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Presidents: Emilie Ptak, Manjot Kahlon |

As a newly constituted club at UBC, we work closely with Canadian Blood Services and the UBC Medicine Stem Cell Club to improve the quality of blood and stem cell donations in the Canadian Registry. We organize monthly stem cell drives and blood donation clinics to provide students with the opportunity of donating right on campus and doing their part to help thousands of patients around Canada and the world.

Presidents: Amanbir Atwal, Shivani Mysuria |

UBC Canadian Liver Foundation is a club dedicated to raising awareness and reducing the stigma associated with liver disease. We organize events to not only showcase the importance of liver health, but also encourage students to be aware of their liver health at University.

Presidents:Sunayana Narula, Semipe Oni |

MSF is one of the world’s leading independent international medical relief organizations, working in more than 70 countries worldwide and with operational centres and national offices in 21 countries. Our mandate concerns emergency relief, and the principles we honour while carrying out our work are contained in the MSF Charter. We launch our operations in areas where there is no medical infrastructure or where the existing one cannot withstand the pressure to which it is subjected.

Presidents: Wayne Leung, Shirley Tse |

The UBC Heart and Stroke Foundation Club aspires to build: “A vibrant community of strong, heart-healthy scholars.” Vibrant community means that we envision UBC as a group of people who are alive, teeming with energy and passion – attesting to a sound mind and sound body. Strong and heart-healthy denotes that we want to see UBC students, faculty and staff become committed to adopting a healthy lifestyle consisting of a proper diet, adequate exercise and good habits. Using our awareness campaigns, we hope to inspire others to deliberately care for their heart, and to understand that valuing their heart and its health is the right start to valuing the gift of life. Finally, scholars refers to the fact that members of the UBC community are dedicated to the pursuit and acquisition of knowledge; we endeavour to make the same community equally interested in learning more about – and appreciating – the wonders of the heart and brain, either through academic or non-academic endeavours. We seek to achieve this by providing educational materials and tools from the Heart and Stroke Foundation to the public, through our Research Match service and by hosting our annual Research Night.

Presidents: Bryan Ng, Tony Zhang

UBC Multiple Sclerosis Club is dedicated to raising awareness and educating individuals about Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a chronic inflammatory degenerative disease of the central nervous system. Canada has one of the highest rates of MS in the world, however, an alarming amount of the community is unaware of what MS is and does to the body.

Working closely with Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, the UBC Multiple Sclerosis Club aims to achieve 4 goals: To inform and raise awareness on campus regarding MS, build a community of likeminded individuals, fundraise for research and programs for individuals affected by MS, and get students interested and into research.

Join us in our annual events and fundraisers such as the Centre of Brain Health Lab Tours and MS Speakers Night in our fight against MS!

President: Ghoncheh Doroudi |

The UBC Pre-Dental Society is an academic club designed to provide students with information about the dental profession, with particular emphasis on the admissions process. Everyone is welcome regardless of which year or faculty you are in! If you join the club, you have access to weekly meetings with presentations from Canadian, American, and Australian Dental schools, and about the Dental Aptitude Test (DAT). An important part of our meetings are also comprised of informative and inspiring guest speakers.

Although our focus is on the DAT application process, we also make an effort to reach out to our local community. We support groups such as Vancouver Native Health Society Dental Clinic and Britannia Secondary School by participating and volunteering in our year-round fundraisers and activities.

President: Cindy Shan|

UBC Pre-Optometry Society: Our club started since 1994 and we have been connecting students to Optometry schools across North America through information sessions and many networking opportunities. Every year, we host a year end event called “Wine and Cheese” inviting many local optometrists to network with the students. Please visit our Facebook page for further details and updates on events.


The Pre-Pharmacy Society of UBC is a student-led organization dedicated to assisting those who have an interest in pursuing a degree in pharmacy. Our events include an Application Help Session, Pharmacist’s Night, 1-on-1 MMI sessions, and more.

Presidents: Sara Samani & Michelle Liu |

The UBC Premedical Society has been around for over twenty years, and each year grows to inspire more students in achieving their medical dreams.
Every year we reach out to students, knowing full well how difficult the road to medicine can be. With the resources and advice we have gathered over the years from past members, executives, sponsors and partners alike, rest assured that help is here if needed.

To help our members out, each year we hold various seminars, and events to introduce the world of medicine. Resources include: information and study groups for the MCAT, the MMI and the application process for medical school; all resources and more, our members can have access to.

President: Maggie Chen, Nicole Liang |

Project PATHS (Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Targeted Hope and Support) is a network of students dedicated to raise awareness and funds for common neurodegenerative diseases. Our purpose is emphasized in our mission statement: Engage. Enrich. Explore. Established at the University of British Columbia under the Alma Mater Society, project PATHS aims to engage UBC students in philanthropic initiatives, to enrich the lives affected by Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, and to explore the paths of research towards a cure. Proceeds are directly donated to the Parkinson Society British Columbia and the Alzheimer Society British Columbia.

President: Sina Safa |

The UBC Neuroscience Club (UNC) is a multidisciplinary group of undergraduate students striving to better understand the mysteries of the brain. From basic laboratory techniques to critical analyses of data, we offer our members the chance to learn and be a part of the process behind the scientific research being done in the field. Moreover, we aim to create a social environment for students where they can discuss neuroscience-related topics and integrate knowledge from an array of disciplines. Through these opportunities, we will create and strengthen a neuroscience community at UBC.

Presidents:Alex Pittini, Kevin Ng |

Undergraduate Research Opportunities (URO) is an AMS-constituted student club at UBC that is designed to facilitate the entrance of undergraduate students into research and connect with researchers. If you’re interested in research but not sure where to start, our club is a great way to familiarize yourself with the process. Aimed at both students with no prior research experience as well as those with more familiarity, events include our year-long Research Mentorship Program (REX), our Life Sciences Research Night in November, our Research Involvement Fair in January, our travel grant to the National Collegiate Research Conference in Boston, as well as drop-in office hours throughout the year. Membership is $5.00 and lasts for the entire academic year. More information can be found at our website or Facebook page.

President: Valerie Chu |

The UBC Women in Science Club was founded to provide support for female undergraduates in Science fields. Our club has 3 pillars: Mentorship, Building Community, and Connecting People. Our club offers many events throughout the school year, including networking events with alumni, professional development workshops, and social events. We also offer an ongoing mentorship program. We envision that mentorship and networking relationships between professional women in various science fields and current undergraduate students will help those students through common challenges that arise for women pursuing careers in science.