The SUS represents around 30 science clubs, all with their own unique vision. These clubs however, share one goal: to provide a place for science students to grow as leaders and form valuable friendships. We at the SUS firmly believe that the value of being part of a club is irreplaceable. Here you will find all the information on the various clubs offered and who you can contact to get involved.

The following is a list of Departmental Science Clubs. These are clubs that are open to Science Students only, and are represented by the SUS in its council through Program Representatives. If you’re looking to get involved on campus or want to know more about a particular program, joining a club from your Department or a Department you’re interested in becoming a part of is a great start!

President: Ronan Kerr |

The UBC Astronomy Club is a group of students who share a passion for astronomy. We welcome students of any discipline who would like to meet other people with like minded interests.

The Astronomy Club holds a dual role as a social coordinator and academic resource. We organize a series of observation nights throughout the year, where the execs teach the members about space and observation, followed by observation from the roof of Hennings. We host a lecture and podcast series featuring UBC professors and grad students as well as a number of social events, including a Back to School Barbeque after reading break and a year end Beach Party. We also host a number of joint events with other clubs, and we work very closely with the Department of Physics and Astronomy, as well as the astronomy community in Vancouver.

President: Walter Wasserman |

The UBC Biophysics Student Society was established in 2003 to support both the academic and social elements of biophysics students. Ever since its creation, the Biophysics Student Society (BPSS) aims to bring together all students with an interest in both biology and physics. Just as the science of biophysics is extremely diverse, members of BPSS come from a wide range of academic backgrounds in all of the faculties of UBC. BPSS offers opportunities for students to network with alumni, professors, and students through independent and cross-club events.

President: Geety Hafizi |

The UBC Biological Sciences Society (BIOSOC) is a student run organization that strives to create an inclusive and supportive community for students within the Biology program. We work to provide students with the resources that will help them achieve academic success, including networking events, as well as exam packages and study sessions for various courses. Some of our most popular academic events include our annual Careers Night, Meet Your Profs, BioTalks and Life Sciences Research Night. In order to help Biology students connect with one another outside of a classroom setting, we have also made it our priority to host a wide range of social events throughout the year, such as Doggy Destress, the BIOSOC Carnival, and our own Escape Room. We enjoy getting to know Biology students and our office is almost always open during the weekdays! This year, we have moved from the Biology Building, to Wesbrook, where you can now find us at Rm 312.

President: Igor Sljivic |

BPP is committed to informing students about the disciplines of Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Physiology, all of which are the fundamental foundations of medicine. As such, our club hosts academic events to support research opportunities and health career information, social and sports events to involve students of these disciplines, and a mentorship program to pair first and second year students with senior students within these three programs. We look forward to meeting you at one of our events and to welcoming you to our community of fun and motivated students!

Presidents: Vesta |

The Cognitive Systems Society (CSS) is an Alma Mater Society club at the University of British Columbia (UBC) that celebrates Cognitive Systems and all things related to this fast-growing program. We host events from robot-themed dance parties to academic study hall sessions, catering to students who share the same interests in anything from neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and robotic development.

President: Thomas Lamb |

The Computer Science Student Society represents undergraduate students of the Department of Computer Science. We provide a social space for students in The Cube (ICICS 021) and run events such as board game nights, prof talks, and the annual Technical Career Fair. Drop by The Cube for a quick mid-day snack from our Snack Shop, printing service, or to hang out and play video games!

President: Harmen Tatla and April Fernandez |

The Combined Major in Science Student Association (CMSSA) is a student-run club helping bring together UBC Science students majoring in the Combined Major in Science (CMS) program. We offer resources, advice, and practical information regarding academics and student wellbeing during our various info sessions and club events. CMSSA provides an avenue to connect and engage with fellow students during the course of their studies. We are a growing student club and are always looking for more executive members. If you’d like to join our team please email (don’t have to be in CMS to join)!


The George Mercer (G.M.) Dawson club is a student-run geology club based at the department of Earth and Ocean Sciences, UBC, Vancouver. Since 1921 the G.M. Dawson Club has maintained to put forth the best talent in the geological sciences from the University of British Columbia. Our mandate is simple: coalesce enthusiastic undergraduates with faculty/industry volunteers and embark on invaluable geology based field trips enhancing UBC Earth and Ocean Science student’s value before they enter the work force.

Presidents: Moe Nadeau & Andrea McDonald |

The Environmental Science Students Association (ESSA) is a student club representing the environmental science program at UBC. We are dedicated to bringing together people with a passion for the environment. To do this, we organize social events for students to get to know each other outside the classroom. We also put on academic conferences and discussions with professionals in the environmental sciences field, as well as study groups for the program’s core courses. We also take part in events promoting public awareness of environmental issues.

Presidents: Blake and Joanna |

The Geography Students’ Association (GSA) is one of the most active student associations on campus, with events for every facet of university life: academics, sustainability, and, of course, social. Events range from lunches with the Department Head and professors to learn more about their work to guest presentations with professionals working in sustainability to our infamous bzzr gardens & trivia nights. We also publish the undergraduate journal Trail Six, run the GeoGarden, coordinate our Bad Latitude sports team, and celebrate the end of the year with a bang (the Geogala). Come out & enjoy the fun!

President: Chadni Khondoker |

The UBC Integrated Science Students Association is dedicated to bringing Integrated Science students a rewarding social experience as well as provide available resources to any prospective Integrated Science students. We are hard at work, year-round, bringing you study groups, outings, and parties. Integrated Science students work hard, so it is up to us to help you unwind. Integrated Sciences is all about connections among science and ISSA is all about connecting people. Check out our events calendar and get to know your fellow Integrated Science students!

President: Andrew Sharon |

Yeah, “Microbiology & Immunology Student Association” is a mouthful for even us to say, so we like to call ourselves MISA. We represent all undergrads in the various specializations offered by the Department of Microbiology and Immunology (M&I). Basically, we’re a group of students working for and with other M&I students to serve needs and interests that matter to us. Year-to-year we offer services like tutoring and unofficial advising, undergrad research and grad school info sessions, and more. Events include ski trips, LAN parties, and tons more!


The UBC Physics Society (Physsoc) is a club for people who study physics, who enjoy physics, or who just want a cool place to spend their time with good company. We have tutoring and sell exam packages for first year physics classes, run a physics lecture series and mentorship program for undergrads, organize a delegation to an annual physics undergraduate conference (CUPC) and other conferences throughout the school year, and maintain a tutor list. We put together various social events for people to wind down and mingle with other students, faculty and staff in the Physics & Astronomy department, and sponsor our own intramural sports teams throughout the year. You can find us in Hennings 307, where we have a study lounge, a silent study space, a microwave, a fridge, and a foosball table.

President: Bowen Li |

The Psychology Students’ Association (PSA) of UBC is a student-run organization that seeks to enhance the personal, professional and academic success of Arts and Science undergraduate students who are interested in psychology. With over 200+ members annually, the PSA provides a variety of events and services over the academic year with the support of the Psychology Department. Some highlighted events include CV workshops, Meet Your Professor, Student/Faculty Socials, the Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference (PURC), and the Year End Gala.

President: Luan Li |

Are you interested in joining Science Co-op or have been already accepted? SCOOPS is here to help. Connect with other Co-op students, grow your network, and receive mentorship through our professional and social event offerings. We have workshops specifically for resume and field targeted mock interviews, My International Co-op Experience (MICE), and SCOOPS mentorship program. Of course we’re not just all about the job, but fun too. Join us for socials, REC intramural events and the annual NERD LOVE held every February. Visit or our Facebook page to get in touch!

Science One Survivors

President: Will Wei |

The Science One Survivors Club exists to facilitate the success of all Science One related events and to represent and support the collective group of Science One students and alumni.


STORM is a club of hard core storm chasers. We have been doing so since 2000 according to the Alma Mater Society. Despite some of our best efforts to summon storms from the powers that be, we have been as yet unsuccessful at inviting any storms into the area for planned visits. So, we plan what we can and stay impulsive enough to organize and embrace any sizable storm that may deign to reign on us. In the meantime, we hold weekly meetings reminding ourselves to look up often, and to harbour a great atmosphere among the members and faculty affiliated. STORM club is affiliated with the Atmospheric Science department, which is affiliated with the Earth and Ocean Sciences Department, which is loosely affiliated with the University of British Columbia.

President: Allena Nguyen |

The Undergraduate Chemistry Society (UCS) is dedicated to promoting chemistry campus-wide and in the community. The UCS strives to enhance the undergraduate experience for students by hosting various academic and social events including Professor Meet & Greet, Lab Tours, Chemistry Forum, Chemistry Undergraduate Research Conference, Exam Package Sales, and 2-Bucks-a-Beaker. Visit our Facebook and Twitter pages to stay updated on all of our events!