Michelle Tse


VP Administration

Hi Science!

My name is Michelle Tse and I am running to be your next VP Administration!
Having had 3 years of experience with SUS now, I believe my 2 primary roles this year, Clubs Commissioner and Building Supervisor, have best shaped me to be the best candidate for the role.

As your VP Admin, I hope to

  • Increase club support between SUS and within other SUS clubs through new club workshops and opportunities for collaboration
  • Advertise through use of Labrat on Facebook instead of the newsletter for related SUS club events
  • Ensure that cleaning standards for the Abdul Ladha Science Student Centre are met by increasing duties from building supervisors hired, along with updating appliances for easier cleaning methods
  • Open a “Maintenance’ tab within the SUS website to allow the public to update about building issues to be addressed, and
  • Enforce transparency towards SUS Code through an increase on updates on Labrat to the archive by a consistent date after the meeting.

I explain my platform in detail at michelleforadmin.weebly.com so make sure to check it out, or email me at michelle.tse@alumni.ubc.ca if you have any other questions or comments!

Thanks again for voting in this year’s elections!