VP Student Life
Gurshabad Singhera

VP Student Life

1. What is the main role of the Student Life portfolio?
The Student Life Portfolio’s goal is to allow students venues to relax and take a break from their academics! We create social events for science students to come out and meet like-minded people, host different sport and recreational events to allow those who want to get active and try something, and basically help everyone have a great time! With new creative initiatives coming, I hope you all come out to our events and we can have a sick year together! #vpPARTY

2. What committees fall under the Academic portfolio?
The Social Committee – We focus on creating events to get people to come together and socialize! Some events in the past have included Beer Gardens, Festive Events for holidays, and Formal Galas!

The Sports Committee – We work to create intramurals to allow science students to participate in sports, organize other sport events like basketball shootouts, and host recreational events like Bubble Soccer and Human Foosball.

The Creative Committee – A NEW committee forming this year!! We want to focus on creating initiatives to allow science students to showcase their creative talents, such as music, art, dance, and drama! If you have a talent you want to show off, stay tuned!

3. What can I look forward to from you?
Most science students focus solely on their academics, not leaving too much time for enjoyment and recreation. The Student Life Portfolio wants to focus on allowing students to get a chance to step back and take a break, and simply enjoy what they want to enjoy. I’m looking forward to take in all your suggestions for events, and help make them into a reality! I’m here to make sure you guys have a great year. Help me help you, and let’s have a dope year together AYYY

Science RXN – 2016

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