VP Finance
Ryan Lou

VP Finance

1. What is the main role of the Finance portfolio?
The Finance Portfolio’s main role is to look after the undergraduate society’s finances through tracking spending relative to the budget and to work with executives in other portfolios to keep spending in line. A part of this is to provide and track reimbursements to science students that are out of pocket for expenses incurred from being part of a SUS committee.

2. What committees fall under the Finance portfolio?
The Budget Committee discusses budget allocations to each portfolio for next year’s budget based on current executive feedback and deliberates on budget amendments before being brought to a vote in SUS Council.

The Grants Committee reviews grant applications submitted by clubs and individuals and allocates the grant funds based on the importance and need of each application as well as on the criteria set out in each grant application.

3. What can I look forward to from you?
As a Science Student, you have the opportunity to apply for three individual grants – Professional Development, Research Incentive, and Student Initiative. They provide financial support for science students to help achieve their academic and career goals or for initiatives that benefit many other science students!

If you would like to create your own UBC REC Intramural Event or Sports team, you are eligible for a sports rebate of a portion of the team fees, provided that your team consists of at least 60% science students. This includes popular events like Day of the Longboat and Storm the Wall.

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