VP External
Cathy Jiang

VP External

1. What is the main role of the External portfolio?
The External Portfolio’s goal is to maintain good relationships with organizations external to UBC as well as providing professional development opportunities for all Science Students. This is accomplished through the facilitation of Science Careers Month which includes events such as career fairs, networking sessions, and other new programs to come. The External Portfolio also all collaborations with organizations external to UBC.

2. What committees fall under the Academic portfolio?
The Corporate Relations, Science Careers Month and Professional Development, and Community Engagement Committee.

3. What can I look forward to from you?
Being a Science student can be challenging when trying to decide what to pursue after graduation. The External Portfolio is more than happy to support you. You can look forward to networking opportunities, outreach events, and the chance to explore the many avenues of professionalism. Our most notable event is SCI Fair (Science Career Information Fair), a large-scale diverse career fair featuring companies and organizations, and exceptional speakers. The external portfolio is also always looking for input on how we can enhance your professional growth, which you can provide via our online forum under the “Contact” tab of the SUS website.

Science Careers Month committee (2016 – 2017)