VP Communications
Miguel Oreta

VP Communications

1. What is the main role of the Communications portfolio?
The Communications Portfolio’s goal is to help you learn about what the SUS can do for you! We hope to achieve this by coordinating the Society’s marketing strategies, and creating engaging content that you may be interested in.

2. What committees fall under the Communications portfolio?
The Sales Committee is in charge of producing, selling, and distributing UBC Science Undergraduate Society merchandise and apparel. You can check out our catalogue at sus.ubc.ca/sales !

The Marketing Commission is in charge of coordinating all of the marketing promotions of the Science Undergraduate Society. Our aim is to make sure that information gets out to you efficiently, while minimizing spam as much as possible.

The Visual Media Commission is responsible for all the graphics that you see across all of our platforms, and is also responsible for the photos and videos that the SUS produces. You can check out our photos at our gallery, and check out our videos on our Youtube channel.

The Web/IT department helps manage our website, digital signage (promotions on the TV screens across campus), and every techie thing we do online! Without the Web/IT department, we wouldn’t have this website you’re on right now!

In addition, we also organize SUS First Week! It’s our way of reaching out to students in the first week of school, and making sure that you all have an amazing start to the school year.

3. What can I look forward to from you?
If you don’t already follow us on Social Media, make sure you do! This is the best way to learn when we’ll be giving FREE FOOD, ONINE GIVEAWAYS, and SCIENCE-BRANDED MERCHANDISE. On top of those, we also aim to let you know about different involvement opportunities on campus and within the SUS, as well as other important information that can help you enrich your campus experience.

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