VP Administration
Michelle Tse

VP Administration

1. What is the main role of the Administration portfolio?
The Administration portfolio is composed of 3 major areas: SUS governance, management of the Abdul Ladha Science Student Centre, and club relations. If you’re ever curious about how the Society operates, the administrative portfolio is where to look!

2. What committees fall under the Academic portfolio?
The committees under the administration portfolio include Code and Policies Committee and the Building Management Commission as well as the Clubs Commissioners.

Code and Policies Committee: this committee reviews the policies that sustain the Society. Revisions are made frequently to ensure equity so that the wants and needs of the student body are met. Check out the SUS Governance document under the Archive tab on this website to learn more!

Building Management Commission: this committee oversees the maintenance of the building and discusses upon topics such as building upgrades and initiatives. They make sure that the ALSSC is kept in quality condition for the use of students, whether it be for studying, enjoying the company of friends or hosting events.

Clubs Commissioners: the clubs commissioners are the source of communication between the Society and the clubs that fall under it; both departmental and non-departmental clubs. They help to provide any needs that SUS can offer to its clubs!

3. What can I look forward to from you?
My goals this year are to further improve all areas of the Administration portfolio, especially building management! Improvements to the building will be carefully discussed so be sure to come to the ALSSC this year to enjoy. We hope to provide you with a safe space you can call your home.

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