VP Academic
Jennifer Cheng

VP Academic

1. What is the main role of the Academic portfolio?
The Academic Portfolio’s goal is to create a more positive academic environment and provide academic opportunities for all Science Students. This is accomplished through academically-oriented events and initiatives such as mentorship programs, case competitions, and other new programs to come. The Academic Portfolio also handles mental health and general well-being through the Health and Wellness Committee.

2. What committees fall under the Academic portfolio?
The Health and Wellness Committee.

3. What can I look forward to from you?
Being a Science student can be very stressful, and the academic portfolio is here to help! You can look forward to academic opportunities and health and wellness events to help create a more positive academic environment. Our most notable events include Dog Days and getting your free SUS clipboard at the beginning of the school year. The academic portfolio is also always looking for input on how we can help support YOU, the Science student via our online forum under the “Contact” tab of the SUS website.

Health and Wellness committee (2016 – 2017)